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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is one that is focused solely on you and how you want to drive the therapy forward rather than expecting the therapist to act as an expert that will simply give you the answers and tell you how to live your life. The answers are all within you already, the therapist simply facilitates your exploration and offers optional guidance along the way to help you unlock those answers from deep within your unconscious. A bit like those 'choose your own ending' type story books where you might be given a series of options at the end of each chapter, here too will you be offered options of how to approach certain dilemmas (for example, if you feel more anxious on a particular week, the therapist might ask how it would feel to try some grounding techniques). There is no obligation to try and it isn't guaranteed to work but the option and the guidance is presented for you to make an informed choice about. It can help you to understand how deep-rooted feelings can impact on you in your present-day circumstances and learn how to manage them in a way that feels comfortable to you. This might be through a range of practical strategies or just having that space to decompress and talk things through. It is often a journey of self-discovery and acceptance as well as an opportunity to increase our self-awareness and gain in confidence to make those positive changes. 

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