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About Me

As an experienced Integrative therapist and Trauma Specialist, competent in working with both adults and young people, I offer therapy both in-person, online and outdoors. By providing space to explore, I can help you change the way you experience the world. This may be through the use of grounding/stabilisation techniques; the use of creative materials to aid you in having a more interactive/tangible way of working through your current difficulties or simply walking with you (either physically or metaphorically) as you venture into those places you may fear to tread otherwise.

One question I believe we all ask ourselves at one time or another throughout our lives is "who am I?" and I am no different. That question for me often changed to one such as "what am I doing here?" or "why do bad things always happen to me?" As humans, this is one element that binds us all together and I wonder which question it is that you find yourself asking at the moment? Whatever it is, I am here to explore it with you in a space that I hope you will come to know as being one that is free from judgement and where it is OK to not have all the answers. 

My fees are £60 per 50 min session (I do have a limited number of concessionary appointments available for those on a low income) and, as a registered member of BACP, I work to their ethical framework. Should you have any concerns about our work together, I am always happy to discuss these.

Issues I work with include:

  • Abuse

  • Anxiety

  • Attachment/Abandonment Disorders

  • Bereavement

  • Bullying

  • Child/Young People's Counselling

  • Christian Counselling

  • Depression

  • Dissociation

  • Family Issues

  • LGBTQ+

  • Loneliness

  • Neurodiversity


  • Personality Disorders

  • Relationship issues

  • Self Harm

  • Suicidal Thoughts

  • Stress

  • Spirituality

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