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Light In The Storm Counselling & Psychotherapy


About Me

As an experienced Integrative therapist and Trauma Specialist, competent in working with both adults and young people, I offer therapy both in-person, online and outdoors. By providing space to explore, I can help you change the way you experience the world. This may be through the use of grounding/stabilisation techniques; the use of creative materials to aid you in having a more interactive/tangible way of working through your current difficulties or simply walking with you (either physically or metaphorically) as you venture into those places you may fear to tread otherwise.

One question I believe we all ask ourselves at one time or another throughout our lives is "who am I?" and I am no different. That question for me often changed to one such as "what am I doing here?" or "why do bad things always happen to me?" As humans, this is one element that binds us all together and I wonder which question it is that you find yourself asking at the moment? Whatever it is, I am here to explore it with you in a space that I hope you will come to know as being one that is free from judgement and where it is OK to not have all the answers. 

Individual Therapy

As an integrative therapist, I utilise various models of counselling and psychotherapy which allows me to be both flexible and intuitive in order to support your individual needs. You may have a preference for a fluid approach where you bring what is affecting you each week or you may prefer a more structured approach. You may wish for therapy to be face-to-face, online or outdoors; you might want to sit on the floor or engage in play and creative techniques. However you need to explore your emotions, we work together to find the right approach for you.

Children & Young People's Therapy

I'd love to say that I had a magic wand and, like the Fairy Godmother in a well-loved fairytale, could make everything feel OK for your child. Sadly, that isn't a reality but I can help them to explore their emotions and the meanings behind their feelings so that they can hopefully navigate the obstacles life places before them in a more confident and resilient way. 

Relationship Therapy

One thing I hear a lot about is how if the other person cared then they'd pick up the phone and call. Guess what? The other person is probably saying the same thing ... that's how relationships quite often fail. Neither person is bad but they're both human and have learnt certain behaviours in early infancy that have an impact on the way they act and relate to each other and the world in general later on in life. Relationship therapy helps you to identify, understand and learn how to change your relationship patterns to achieve those deeper connections you're striving for and learn how to repair any future ruptures so they don't leave you feeling like the bottom of your world has just been ripped off.

Couples' Therapy

By working closely with both you and your partner, Couples' Therapy aims to help you create a space where you feel safe enough to both openly share and really hear what each other has to say. Not only that but it looks to help foster curiosity and effective communication as well as reducing the amount of negativity within the relationship.    

Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy can be conducted over a reasonably short period of time with successful results but, equally, can be open-ended to ensure you feel in control and have the time and space to take things at your own pace. Trauma therapy can also be quite unpredictable as there can be other things lay dormant in the Unconscious which then decides its going to reawaken as a result of being triggered by the trauma. I can help you learn grounding techniques so you develop a level of mindful resilience ensuring you aren't overwhelmed by the accompanying emotions that might seem unsettling to you and help you regain a sense of balance and agency over your life.

Inner Child & Reparenting Therapy

Have you ever wondered why you hear the whistle from 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory' and smile with a warm inner glow that makes you feel all toasty and warm for the rest of the day? Or why you're attracted to all things Disney? Maybe those things aren't high up on your list ... maybe you're a thrill seeker that is Hell-bent on going higher and faster than anyone you know to prove the point that you're the most invincible? Or maybe you're incredibly lonely and don't understand why no-one ever seemed to want you, no matter what you said or did? All of these questions can be answered by connecting with your inner child and learning how to have a loving relationship with the different parts of yourself.

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