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Zoë Stephens

Trauma Specialist and Integrative Therapist



Individual therapy is one that integrates techniques from a lot of different therapy models such as Transactional Analysis, CBT, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, Person-Centred and Expressive/Creative Therapies. The best way to think of this type therapy is as though we are on a journey together and, along the way, we may need different strategies and different tools to help us get to the destination or goal we're trying to reach. Each one is optional and offers a high degree of flexibility and the opportunity to try out new ways of exploring the issues that are causing you discomfort/pain.


Children & Young People's Therapy

There are many reasons a child/young person might need to access some support in their childhood and right the way through adolescence. They are impacted not only by hormones and developmental changes but also by things like peer pressure, as well as the cultural messages sent out by the media about the  celebrities they should emulate, which music/TV characters they should follow or how they should dress to stay in with the trendiest fashions. Added to this anything such as bereavement, self esteem issues, bullying and questioning their identity that might come into the fray, it is easy for a child to become lost and scared. This type counselling is a very holistic approach that is guided by the child/young person.





Walk & Talk

Have you ever been for a walk in the countryside and just felt yourself feeling lighter because of the various sights, sounds and smells? Being at one with nature in the midst of the changing seasons can be immensely positive and quite invigorating in terms of our mental health and can really bring us back to that place where we feel most creative, spontaneous and free. Engaging in activities such as mindful walking and sound bathing can also help us to envelope ourselves in a sense of calm and relaxation, centring ourselves in a spiritual way ready to take on the expectations of the outside world again.


Inner Child/Reparenting

Have you ever heard someone be described as a "Big Kid" or "young at heart" because they are prone to spontaneous acts of childlike behaviour? This is because they feel comfortable enough to allow their inner child to shine through. But what happens when that inner child that lives within each of us becomes wounded? This may be through neglect or abuse but it may also be through something as simple as not feeling heard enough due to sibling rivalry, for example. If that inner child part of us becomes stuck in a dark place, after a while, we will start to feel as though we find it hard to see joy in things; we may feel disconnected from the child part of us and affection, spontaneity and  creativity may start to become a rarity whilst our defence mechanisms might become a lot more noticeable. This type therapy looks to find the reason for that Child part becoming stuck and nurture it so both Adult and Child parts work in harmony with each other to provide a sense of safety and overall contentment in life.

Therapy Sessions
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