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Inner Child/Reparenting

In the early stages of our development as human beings, we need to be nurtured and learn how to live full and happy lives but sometimes, for whatever reason, this doesn't always happen and a part of us is forced to adapt in order to survive. The older we get, the more ingrained these negative messages become and can cause all manner of problems: attachment/abandonment issues; trust issues; work-related stress; relationship breakdown; self-harm; dissociation etc. Working closely with a therapist using this type therapy, you are given the opportunity to explore those very early relationship patterns and have the opportunity to feel cared for and nurtured by a surrogate parental figure in an attempt to help you gain an insight into how to parent your own inner child. Due to the nature of this work, it will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure you are supported ethically and effectively to increase the likelihood of a positive therapeutic outcome. This is generally a more lengthy type of therapy, however, and is most beneficial to those who have experienced extensive childhood trauma/abuse over a significant period of time. Please feel free to request a discussion about this type of therapy if you are unsure whether it is likely to be right for you at this time.

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