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Children and Young People's Counselling

If you are a parent of a child or young person that would benefit from some therapeutic input, I would first like to offer some reassurance to you. Reaching out to a professional for help may feel very daunting because, as parents, we often like to believe that we should be able to solve every problem and dry every tear for our children. Asking for help is a very brave thing to do and it is only natural to feel the way you do. In my work with this younger age group (5-18), I am experienced in meeting them where they are at in their development and both reinforcing their strengths as well as nurturing their weaknesses. This may be through play, art and creativity or by using technology, such as video games purposefully designed to aid the young person within a therapeutic setting. I am also able to offer remote therapy such as by video-call, email or text message which can be preferable to allow an extra degree of flexibility around their school studies (especially around exam time) and their often busy social lives. The key element here is that the child/young person is inviting me into their world so it would always be wholly person-centred.

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